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Yoga Bruxelles / Atharvaveda / extrait 3








A la demande générale, ce qui est de bonne augure quand même, voici d’autres charmes issus de l’Atharvaveda (+/- 2500 av. JC.). C’est d’amour qu’il s’agit. C’est cela qui nous rassure. On ne vous dira pas de quelles herbes il s’agit.



A woman’s incantation against her rival


1. I have taken unto myself her fortune and her glory, as a wreath off a tree. Like a mountain with broad foundation may she sit a long time with her parents!

2. This woman shall be subjected to thee as thy wife, O king Yama; (till then) let her be fixed to the house of her mother, or her brother, or her father!

3. This woman shall be the keeper of thy house, O king (Yama), and her do we make over to thee! May she long sit with her relatives, until (her hair) drops from her head!

4. With the incantation of Asita, of Kasyapa, and of Gaya do I cover up thy fortune, as women cover (something) within a chest.


Charm of a woman against a rival or co-wife


1. I dig up this plant, of herbs the most potent, by whose power rival women are overcome, and husbands are obtained.

2. O thou (plant) with erect leaves, lovely, do thou, urged on by the gods, full of might, drive away my rival, make my h usband mine alone!

3. He did not, forsooth, call thy name, and thou shalt not delight in this’ husband! To the very farthest distance do we drive our rival.

4. Superior am I, O superior (plant), superior, truly, to superior (women). Now shall my rival be inferior to those that are inferior!

5. I am overpowering, and thou, (O plant), art completely overpowering. Having both grown full of power, let us overpower my rival!

6. About thee (my husband) I have placed the overpowering (plant), upon thee placed the very overpowering one. May thy mind run after me as a calf after the cow, as water along its course!


Charm for depriving a man of his virility


1. As the best of the plants thou art reputed, O herb: turn this man for me to-day into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed!

2. Turn him into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed, and into one that wears a hood! Then Indra with a pair of stones shall break his testicles both!

3. O eunuch, into a eunuch thee I have turned; O castrate, into a castrate thee I have turned; O weakling, into a weakling thee I have turned! A hood upon his head, and a hair-net do we place.

4. The two canals, fashioned by the gods, in which man’s power rests, in thy testicles . . . . . . . . . . . . I break them with a club.

5. As women break reeds for a mattress with a stone, thus do I break thy member


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